This collection of heritage furniture design can be treasured and inherited for generations to follow. It exemplifies the confidence of the craftsmen, with scrupulous adherence to the architectural details, summed up as classical based on Georgian exemplars in inspiration, gothic in detail. Inspired by palace life style, it is an attempt at being a true museum collection.

The buffet cabinet design is a blend of royal charm and functionality. It is beautifully laid with a MOP top and ornamented with wood carvings in a floral foliage, shaped as garlands and finished in gold foiling.

The living area has ornate details that resonate the charismatic beauty of the furniture pieces. The coffee table lad with a flamboyant thick yellow quartz top has legs carved in metal with german silver.

The round table has graceful legs in brass that connect slightly above the base with a circular metal strip. The table top in white marble has flying butterflies in a concentric pattern in golden tiger eye inlay and is encircled with lens glass embellishment at its side fascia.

The beautifully laid contours of the coffee table having a wood base, has legs toned in silver foiling finish. The table top radiates elegance with it golden tiger eye inlay over marble, edged within a polished wood frame.