The palazzo collection displays an arrangement inspired by the ornamental and theatrical style of the Italian renaissance era, that evolved in the Roman kingdom in the 18th century. Each creation has been skilfully crafted by talented artisans and brought to life to the vision of ANCA.

The bedside tables and headboard have been ingeniously integrated with the king-size bed to create a larger than life single entity in wood.

The chair with arm rest is upholstered in velvet fabric with decorative ornamental carvings.

Upholstered in royal blue velvet over a wood frame, the curve d Sofa with wing shaped arm rest has a quilted back with floral brass studs placed at intersections. The elaborate carving details are enhanced with gold leafing. The signature piece of this collection is the outlandish coffee table.

The chaise from the palazzo collection with a voluptous curvilinear back profile, is accentuate d by decorative carvings wrapped in brass sheet. The seat and back are upholstered in premium velvet fabric, to create a rich and luxurious look.

Made in wood, the under counter cabinet varnished in lacquer paint has a protected marble top . The conspicuous element is the brass sheet over the carving details. The mirror serves as an ornamental wall piece framed with a decorative carving in brass gilding, which is actually wood covered in brass.