This collection gives us a glimpse of heaven, a true ‘elysian vision’ designed as a paradisal retreat in an idyllic ambience by the immersion of the most charming and romantic elements into the design philosophy.

The fully upholstered sofa is the epitome of design, aesthetics, comfort and functionality. The sofa is draped in the most plush fabrics on modern lines, such as textured velvet and leatherier resting on a rose-gold metal base.

This high back arm chair with a revolving seat on a fixed wood base is upholstered in a tangerine gothic fabric. Simplicity with contemporary ideology characterises the design detail of this elongated pouf. Furnished In suede leather, the Bvlgari stone detail at both the side fascia enhances the understated elegance.

The sliding wardrobe created in bevelled wood detail makes a stunning visual. The shutters are finished in matt lacquer and have an in-built handle to slide the shutters with ease. The internals of the wardrobe have a pull down hanger and ample space for shoes, bags and accessories.