Novus, is Latin for the earliest form created, that hasn’t existed before, but even after aeons is most desirable, as it remains contemporary in each era, ageless in philosophy and aesthetics. The guiding inspiration for this collection is a concept of timelessness accessorised with luxury details that evoke inimitable grandeur.

The exuberance is reflected in the ornamentation details of the Sofas. Upholstered in textured velvet, the sofas exude luxury, which is further accentuated on the sides with the V-Groove pattern stitching with metal studs.

The concept of timelessness can be most profoundly experienced in the dining table design, where an assortment of slanting circular loops emulating time, rest peacefully between the rectangular table top in onyx and mop inlay, and the two circular wood bases in smoked veneer.

Upholstered in velvet and ornamented with metal studs, the chairs with their Graceful high backs are an epitome of style. The back of the chair flows down Till the floor, ending with miniature legs as its skirting. The King-size Bed has an upholstered high back mounted within pillars and frame clad in Veneer.

The curvaceous, semi-circular sofa with its regal high back, and upholstered in rich fabric with quilting on the seats and wood revelations at designated junctures accentuating the design, can seat a large group comfortably.

Double Level bar with the counter top in Onyx, employs various materials to create a Luxurious flow. The Bar in jagged veneer has metal rods emerging from the counter top, connecting down to the base.