The collection has been inspired from the complete ouevre of pierre auguste renoir – the most celebrated french impressionist artist. Characterised by bold lines, intricate, elaborate compositions and a saturated colour palette. The renoir collection’s grandiose facade is unsurpassed, dressed in opulent materials to match the parisian style

The dining table with its assortment of rich styles and materials, imparts a polished finesse. The vivid, eye catching shades of blue makes a striking impact. It has been developed using the most exquisite sodalite – the rolls royce of marble.

The chairs with their lusturious wooden backs are varnished in black lacquer in matt finish. dressed in a duo colour velvet fabric, it is dramatic yet visually balanced.

The bar is made in bent wood with a wavered profile having a cappuccino onyx top and zeebrano veneer running all through in book match pattern. Adding to the visual, the metal base of the bar is further enriched in gold finish.

The bookcases partitioned with glass shelves and velvet lining are covered with wave texture glass on the outside. The square base in texture stone holds the enigmatic curved bottom of the bookcase made in wood.