The conglomeration of this NOVEL finesse brings a style marked with the most refined aesthetics, having a universal appeal to it. Soft monochromatic tones and dramatic lighting ignite the space into a visual story of intense virtuosity. A surreal collection of furniture pieces depicting the class and design caliber of ANCA, builds a powerful narrative for umbra.

Characterized by a contemporary flavor defined by use of premium ash grey velvet, Swarovski accents, embossed metal work, metal mosaics and cerulean glass, it flows into whispered opulence with ease. This collection caters to those who are in a relentless pursuit of both luxury & sophistication.

The formal Lounge area has semi-circular sofas in charcoal velvet with welt detail in black leather, and sides of the hand rest in metal mosaic With Swarovski accents, evoking a blend of grandeur, opulence and tranquility.

A set of three independent tables has the central focal square piece at a greater height made in wood. With its frame and legs finished in grey lacquer with the tabletop in metal base with embossing. The remaining two low height tables in stainless steel. With cerulean glass tops, remain nestled on either side of the main table. An ingenious amalgamation of diverse materials and shapes, makes the coffee table an exclusive piece of Art.

The oval dining tabletop in lacquered and textured glass with an all-over pattern detail exudes awe-inspiring grandeur. The assorted wooden circles crafted with multiple facet detail, operate as the unconventional legs of the table, that are ingeniously inserted between the table top and the ellipse base in grey beveled mirror with a wood rim.