This attractively chic and lively collection speaks of supreme dynamism and flexibility ensemble. Curated with contemporary details employing diverse eclectic materials One will fall in love with this collection at the first glimpse.

The Sleigh shaped low height leather bed rests on a backlit toughened glass platform. The glass platform is complimented with the backlit faceted wall held firmly with studs behind the side tables.

The luxurious twelve-seater square dining table has a round lazy suzy placed centrally in lacquered pink mirror design. The Dining Table has a cylindrical base clad in leather at the centre and four inverted Lotus Leaf-Shaped legs at each corner.

The surprisingly outlandish design of the sofa exudes comfort and flamboyance. The multiple base layers are upholstered in embossed white leather to counterbalance the seat and the top layer of the back that are clad in self printed sued .

The twin display stands in a curvature design have been created at two levels. The front fascia of the stand is half in veneer and half in copper leafing, while the winding back is fully concealed with copper leafing.