With its genesis in muted extravagance, this collection unveils the manifestation of refined vitality and glamour in understated hues.

Softly illuminated spaces creating intimate settings, minimalist and organic in design and highly utilitarian and unfussy forms that are extremely à la mode, adorn the hotel areas, such as the foyer, passages, restaurants and suite rooms.

Modish in style, each furniture piece is infused with curvilinear forms and outstanding finishes, that shall rival the beauty of the most optimal hotel décors and paraphernalia, around the world.

The curved sofa in off-white leather is dressed with accented cushions. The quilted diamond pattern makes the rear and a curvilinear frame in dark stain finish contours the entire form.

The coffee table with its overlapping round table tops in eclectic sizes has calacatta white marble on the bigger round top, while the smaller one that also replicates as a side table is in black glass finish.

The hotel suite features a spacious living space and a semi-private bedroom partitioned with a decorative metal screen. The bedroom suite has the bed wall showcasing the ANCA logo in white GRG finish with metal strip highlights and leather panel cladding the sides, while the quilted headboard extends to the bed side tables. The unusual design of the bed bench with its fabric seat, dainty bolsters on its sides and a stylised leather base, adds immense character to the collection. An inverted tapered pedestal in leather finish with metal strip accentuates the feature wall design.

The luxuriously upholstered sofas and armchairs in figured book match veneer accent at the rear, carry forward the design philosophy.