The collection is about modernism – liberation from traditional and conventional way of living. This collection features an ambience of the most relaxed mood where the impact is non ostentatious and not extravagant. The design trend is classy statement in a very fine –drawn elusive way.

Crafted in naturally tanned leather & exquisite detailing with a fluted veneer back with light provision & stone finish in the back wall with metal inserts. Use of raw and petrified wood with leather brings out the warmth and character to the collection

Upholstered in rich fabric with pleated quilting details, the sofa is perfect example of traditional techniques and innovative designs.

The Dining table has a onyx wrap with overlay with wooden connectors and clear glass top. Upholstered dining chair with wooden legs and intricate detailing on the seat& back of the chair.

The Buffet cabinet is fully stone cladded cabinet with faux leather internals.

This bar is beautifully designed with designer glass and lacquer front with onyx top.

The upholstered sofa with veneer marquetry in arms & back are designed for ultimate comfort.

The wooden panels are designed in lacquer finish with veneer connectors with light provision.