Each creation in the Rhapsody collection flaunts the finest craftsmanship traditions via an unparalleled combination of detailing, with the innovative use of materials and unique personalization. A key highlight is also the “liquid metal” finishing instead of glossy or high shine metals.

For the formal living and dining areas, a colour combination of powder aqua and graphite including the “new white” is incorporated, setting a neutral yet unique tone.

The graphite walls in liquid metal is accented with off white, aqua powder, and floral sofas to give the living space a soft look.

The center table, with honed finish and veins, is supplemented with a metal coating on top to provide an unusual look.

A crystal blue onyx dining table is the centre piece for the dining area, under lit from below with its black glass fluted base along with upholstered chairs front & back with wooden legs in metal coat paint.

The bed is designed with special quilting, developed by machines exclusively found at the company.