At ANCA, we utilise the best raw materials and technologies in the creation of each of piece of art, which has allowed us to create a brand that stands for luxury, excellence and quality.

ANCA is ISO accredited for our Quality Management & Environmental Management Systems (ISO 9001:2015; ISO 14001:2004) adhering to the highest standards in quality and assurance. Each project executed by our world-class team is a labour of precise planning and coordination affording ANCA the ability to execute the most complex projects in a timely manner, and within budget.


2015 – International Product
Design Awards, design et al

2015 – International Product Design Awards, design et al

2017-18 - International
Property Award

International Property Award

2004 - Rare of the
Rarest Awards

ANCA is awarded the Internationally Acclaimed “Rare of the Rarest Possesions” award for its Coffee Table that is a creation of High Gloss Teak Wood, Brass and Lapis Lazuli.